Love actuary: online search and scoring

Love Actuary uses MatchMaker software:

  • Actuarial recruitment: match a role to candidate information, based on capability and compatibility scores.
  • Online risk register: RECAL is our online risk register – a risks, events, controls and actions log. See Beyond MatchMaker.
  • Decision support software: MatchMaker combines weighted ratings into a score. This is Multiple-criteria decision analysis (MCDA).

Our real intention is to demonstrate working software which can be (has been!) extended to an online risk register. Other potential applications include:

  • General analytics: Our Easybase software can take a text file, check it for errors (number of records, data types, values etc) and upload it into a database. Analytics for marketeers (for example) might be facilitated by making the database available through a web page, providing the ability to create, update and delete records.
  • Personal debt management: There are standard ways of dealing with debt, especially so-called secondary creditors. Help is available through a variety of commercial, government-sponsored and third sector organisations. But we sense a lack of free consumer-focused and empowering online systems. We have long wanted to put this right.

Our other websites:

The actuary: how can I get targeted information on the job market?

We've all had those emails, listing 3-5 "tempting" jobs. But they're the same jobs, whether you're a student, newly qualified or have 20 years' PQE. Not clever or tempting.

Well into the 21st century, shouldn't we be doing a little better? was set up as a proof of concept of e-recruitment software.

The recruiter: how can I fill problem roles?

Monday morning and a recruitment consultant takes a call from a company looking to fill an exciting role, ideally with an actuary. The role is Chief Risk Officer for an ambitious startup. Risk management and an appetite for startups? This could be a tough one to fill. Not being able to think of anyone the recruiter emails a contact. "I don't suppose you know...?"

But that recruiter has forgotten someone. A competing recruiter also has a less-than perfect memory. But she has an edge: MatchMaker. She does a MatchMaker screen for candidates declaring experience in risk and startups. That one forgotten candidate emerges. By 9:20am the phone call has been made. Competitive advantage in action.

Picture this: e-recruitment

We could take this further: if recruiter and candidate both sign up to the idea, an email could automatically be sent from recruiter to candidate the instant the role is posted to the database. Or it could be "previewed" by the recruiter, then sent. How much better than sending those 3-5 largely irrelevant jobs.

How does your recruitment compare?Typical systemMatchmaker
Seeks and stores candidate information: e.g. how they rate themselves and/or how you rate them across various areas ?
Captures role information: e.g. the requirements of the role in conjunction with the recruiting employer ?
Acts as an expert filtering system: providing fast support for recruiters, allowing them to focus on refinements ?
Stores a candidate's search preferences: so they don't need to retype information ?
Targets emails to candidates: automatically email them when a new role arrives matching their requirements ?
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